This week we have a Midweek Study Thursday Night at 7:00pm at David and Eve Guth's house in Meridian, Idaho
and we would love to have you join us!

Thursday Night at 7pm
2745 W Wapoot Dr.
Meridian, Idaho 83646

Call or text Ryan at 949-784-9271 if you have any questions :)

Ryan will upload small group questions here 
Please RSVP and Let us know your coming to the midweek Bible study so we know how many people to prepare for this week. Thank you so much!

For our midweek Bible study we will be studying the Book of Ezekiel. Pastor Ryan will teach for 30-40 minutes and then we will break out into small groups of men and women to go over small group questions relating to our study.

This Thursday we are having our midweek Bible Study and small groups at Christian Ortega's wife parents house David and Eve Guth's in Meridian! Just Like Christian and Mandy do worship, so does David Guth and he is going to lead us in worship Thursday night and he will also do worship for us at the Bandshell in Meridian July 17th! I will put their address and details for this Thursday 6/2/22 below for our Thursday night Bible Study at 7pm for our study in Ezekiel

David and Eve Guth House
2745 W Wapoot Dr.
Meridian, ID 83646

We would love for you to join us this Thursday! Its going to be a great time of fellowship, snacks, coffee, Bible Study, worship and small groups!