On this last Thursday, our sweet Cheyenne began to feel ill and over the past 4-5 day began to feel progressively worse. Yesterday, July 26th, she was hospitalized due to lack of oxygen. Her body has been valiantly fighting a virus, but today when she was being looked in on, they realized that it was time to go to the hospital as things weren't looking good. We are so thankful that God gave those looking after Cheyenne wisdom and quick thinking to get her the help she needed and she is doing fairly well, but is pretty dependent on the oxygen for now and they told her she will be there a minimum of 5 days because of this. Cheyenne doesn't have insurance, and also isn't getting sick pay or paid time off, so not only is this twist scary for her medically, as she has never had to go to the hospital before and isn't able to have any support people in there wither her, but the amount of work she is missing and the unknown of the financial side of her hospital stay has been very overwhelming as well. We know that God will provide and are so grateful that He promises to take care of all of our needs. Please be praying for our sweet girl. We sure do love her a whole lot.
We know that God uses all different ways of provision and we know that one of those ways is through the giving of others. If you read this and you feel led to give, please do so, it would mean the world to us and to even more to her. She's young and is nervous about having potentially massive bills coming her way. We are hoping to do anything we can to lighten the load. If you can help in any way, it would be a huge blessing.


Lani and family have recently been given some very hard and challenging news, being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Lani, by the grace of God, was notified of her cancer just one day after giving birth to baby Wyatt and while still at the hospital. Lani is currently under-going treatment. Please pray for Lani, her husband Kevin and their three beautiful children, Reilynn, Zach, and Wyatt. 

Miller Family

We are so excited to welcome the Miller’s Baby girl! In addition, we want to love on the Millers and bring them a meal. Please keep in mind that it is courtesy not to stay longer than 10-15 minutes at the most to be respectful of their time as they will be exhausted and also just wanting to spend time together as a new family of five. Thank you so much for all your love and support! Their favorite Gift Card is Door Dash and if you want to get them one, make sure you’re careful to click the “Restaurant/Grocery” button (and not  Grub Hub) and search for Door Dash!

We are so thrilled for our friends! They don’t know too many people here in Idaho yet so it would be such a blessing to shower them with meals or Door Dash gift cards! Whether you’re local or know them from California, let’s bless them and their sweet baby Girl!